Information on NUCCA Chiropractic

What is NUCCA?

A unique chiropractic technique that involves aligning the top bone in the neck (C1) to restore and maintain body balance naturally and normalize the flow of healing messages from the brain to all parts of the body.

Even though the primary focus is the neck, the effects of the correction influence the whole spine and all body systems. This is because the NUCCA procedure influences one of the highest control centers over body balance–the brain stem and the central nervous system.

Unique Features of NUCCA

Painless: It is a precise and controlled adjustment which is barely felt by the patient

Measurable: NUCCA adjustment depends upon precise mathematical calculations, physics, and biomechanical engineering. X-rays are a critical part of ensuring the spinal correction is accurate and successful. Your NUCCA chiropractor will take pre-adjustment x-rays from different angles focusing on the atlas. These x-rays determine the direction and degree of spinal misalignment and how to properly restore the entire spine to a normal position

Individualized: Since no two people are the same, no two spinal problems are exactly the same. Therefore, each adjustment is unique to the individual and is determined by an extensive evaluation process that includes specific x-rays.

Predictable and Reproducible Body Balance Restoration:

Individualized adjustment allows the muscles along the spine to relax, allowing your body to gradually correct itself and heal. Results are measurable and reproducible. This is possible because NUCCA focuses to restore the relationship of the skull to the cervical spine and their effect on the brainstem

Body Balance: Body Balance that deviate from normal put additional strains on the muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and even the spinal cord. When these abnormal postures are maintained over months and years, the spine will naturally continue to degenerate, leaving the door open for symptoms to develop. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, indigestion, shoulder pain, knee and foot complaints, etc. are examples of symptoms that may be related to poor posture. NUCCA restores Body Balance and helps to resolve these symptoms.

Note:  We presently do not offer NUCCA chiropractic services but offer this information for visitors to our Coquitlam Integrated Health site. 

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